Please Read Before Continuing

If you are seeking to buy an eGift card, please be sure to confirm with the recipient whom they normally see & if massage is something they desire. eGift Cards can only be redeemed with the therapist from which they were purchased, are NONREFUNDABLE, & cannot be redeemed for any cash value. If you are unsure of whom the recipient of the gift normally goes to but would like to surprise them, please contact us.

If you send the eGift Card to yourself to print off or forward to the recipient, please be sure that what you give them has the 16 digit redemption code & is not just the receipt for the purchase.

To redeem eGift Cards, simply bring in the email with the 16 digit redemption code at the time of your appointment.

eGift Card Example.jpg

Example of an eGift Card as it will appear. The 16 digit redemption code is required for it to be redeemed. {The code shown here is merely a false code for example purposes only} 

Note: If you click on "View Your eGift Card" or "Manage your Square gift cards" you can choose to link it to your phone # and therefore your account. This will negate the need to bring in the redemption code.